Long Bridge, Armala, Mauja

A trail with a beautiful view of Long Bridge and small beautiful villages.


Route : Valam(long bridge)-Harihar cave-Armala-Aatighar-Mauja-Kahu Khola (1 Day or 1 Night 2 Days)


If you choose to have a one day trail, your hike will start in the morning and ends in the evening. (6-7 hours hike.) Or you may stay one night in Aatighar or Mauja, if you feel tired walking long hours. This trail starts from Long Bridge near Gurkha Museum. You can reach there by bus. Take the bus in downtown Pokhara. Find a bus that goes to Bagar which is the last stop. The view along both sides of the bridge is beautiful. Head to Haribar Cave, the temple of yoga and meditation(1 hour) first, and go to Armala village. You can bring your own lunch or have some Nepali noodles at a store in Armala. (2 hours)


Next stop is Aatighar. (1 hour) It is a very charming village but their homestay is not quite ready yet. If you still want to stay in the village, there’s one family you can stay with. Just contact them in advance.



If you don’t stay in Aatighar, there’s one homestay family at the next stop, Mauja, too. (1 hour) Warm-hearted homestay mother will welcome you happily.

On your way back, walk down to Kahu Khola for an hour and take a bus to downtown Pokhara. It takes 1 hour.


If you go to Armala from Long Bridge, it’s a long pull up, taking 3 hours. But after that, flatland or even downhill roads are waiting for you.




Aatighar (Damber Kumari 61-621409)

Mauja (Yago bara homestay 9806772506)


Note : You’d better bring your own water and snacks. Take a look at the list of things you need in “How to prepare”. (click here)

The written times are walking time. All prices are according to local transportation. If you hire a guide or vehicle, the price will vary. You’ll be guided to a homestay house in order of the village’s principle.

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