Why Homestay Hike?

1) Enjoy the Himalayas with short trails.


Although you can’t spare your time for a long trek, there are many short trails you can still enjoy the Himalayas. Spend your own quality time away from busy tourist attractions.


2) Experience the real village life


Explore the real village life on the wonderful rice terraces. Taste the local organic food, and cook your own Dal Bhat. Feel the changing seasons with different views. Not only can you experience daily lives in the village, but you can also experience traditional Gurung culture.


3) Positive influence on the village


Homestay villages receive tourists upon their own rules. Most of the villages save $1 per tourist as a community fund for road maintenance, environmental improvement, and preservation of the culture. Your consumption can make a good impact on the village.


4) Rural women empowerment


Since most of the men left the village for jobs, women have taken care of the village for themselves. Women’s participation is a large part of the homestay, too. Women take active roles in greeting tourists, making food, organizing cultural events and even homestay committee activities. Profits from the homestay will support their economic conditions and strengthen their abilities.

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