Thulakot, Chisapani, Begnas Lake

A skyline trail along the Himalayas, Lupa lake, and Begnas Lake.


Route : Kasyari-Thulakot-Lipeyani-Chisapani-Talbesi (2 Nights 3 Days),

via Lupa lake, Begnas lake (3 Nights 4 Days)


There was no accommodation in the old days, so people used to camp to enjoy this trek. Nowadays, many roads are under construction and there are a few accommodations available. But still, there are not many. When Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, and Mick Zaggar, the vocalist of The Rolling Stones visited this trek, it became famous and people called it ‘Royal Trek’.


Take the bus to Kahu Kola and get off at the last stop, Kayari. Go up for about 3 hours from there and you’ll find a homestay family who provides lunch. Go up another hour, and you’ll see the destination of the day, Thulakot. Enjoy the view of Begnas Lake and Lupa Lake. You’ll meet some goat friends welcoming you as well.



After the night, head to Lipeyani. At this time you’ll see the Himalayas on the opposite side with two lakes on both sides. It takes about 5 hours to Lipeyani and the way can be very challenging. Stay another night in Lipeyni. You can take the only bus back to Pokhara in the morning. Or stay one more night in Begnas Lake or Lupa Lake via Chisapani.


Thulakot and Lipeyni have 2 homestay households each. There are many guesthouses and hotels in Begnas and Lupa Lake.

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