Sikles, Tanting Eco-trekking

An impressive trail that you can enjoy the lights of the village shining like stars.


Route : Sikles-Tanting(1 Night 2 Day),

Armala-Atighar-Mauja-Thak, Eco-trekking(4 Nights 5 Days)


Both Sikles and Tanting villages are available for 1 Night 2 Days homestay since you can go there by jeep from Pokhara. (3 hours to Tanting, 5 hours to Sikles. The jeep leaves at Kahu Khola.) Sikles eco-trek has been operated differently compare to Annapurna trek. Sikles village is located at 2000 meters high, and you can see the Himalayas very closely. This village is very big with well-maintained lodges, so many tourists visit there. There are 13 homestay households. Homestay fee is $10 and 50NPR per person goes to Community Fund. If you move to Tanting from Sikles, you get to walk both uphill and downhill roads for 3 hours. It’s the same the other way, too. Sikles and Tanting are located along both sides of a deep winding valley. You can see the lights of the opposite village shining just like stars at night, and the grand Himals in the morning.


Tanting is a big village with over 200 households, and 12 out of them are running homestay. From a Buddhist temple to traditional style houses with wooden windows, it’s a good place to walk around and see here and there. (If you’d like to have a look at the village but are not in a good condition to walk, you can just stay in Tanting only and come back. It takes only 3 hours to Pokhara by jeep. You need a trekking permit to visit Sikles and Tanting.



You can start this trail from Armala-Aatighar, too. Armala-Atighar trail is also one of 8 trails from this project. (Link) However, we only suggest this longer course if you love the remote area and don’t mind staying in the villages for a long time. If you’d like to try this longer trail, start your journey from Armala – Aatighar and stay one night in Mauja. On the next day, walk up a steep slope for 3 hours, stay another night in Thaplanga, Sildujure. And then head to Sikles. It’s a 2-hour drive by jeep, and it costs 300NPR. If you stay in Sikles and Tanting, you’ll make a 4 Night 5 Days trip. If you can’t stay for a long time in the village, 1 Night 2 Days trip would be great, too.


Another variation of Sikles eco-trek is to include Bhurjung Khola and Tara Hill Top. Visit any travel agencies in Pokhara and plan your trip as your preference.




Sikles (Taj maya gurung 9827120372)

Thak (Bikash gurung 9846198454)

Tanting (Pas Maya gurung 9846293063, 9817155770)


Note : You’d better bring your own water and snacks. Take a look at the list of things you need in “How to prepare”. (click here)

The written times are walking time. All prices are according to local transportation. If you hire a guide or vehicle, the price will vary. You’ll be guided to a homestay house in order of the village’s principle.

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