A trail of yoga and meditation where you can see the panoramic sunrise and sunset. 


Route : Ghati chinna-Shidane-Panchase-Bhadaure-Kande (1 Night 2 Days)

via Australian Camp (2 Nights 3 Days)




Take the bus to Pame at Hallan chowk in the Lakeside, Pokhara and get off at the last stop. Then you’ll arrive in Ghati Chinna. Unpaved roads on the way might make you feel tired, but the view of Fewa Lake and farmlands will let you forget about it. (Takes 1 hour, Bus fee is 55NPR.)


It’s not easy to find the way from the uphill road in Ghati Chinna. Head to Sidhane homestay village via Dam Dame homestay village.(Takes 1 hour and 10 mins. 2 hours and a half from Ghati Chinna.) You might have some roti and chiya for lunch in Sidhane. About 4 households run homestay in Sidhane. It costs $10 to stay and 100NPR per person goes to the community fund. Or you can take a break and enjoy the view from the public school on the way to Dam Dame.


Go up more to Panchase, today’s destination. (Takes 2 hours from Sidhane, 5-6hours from Ghati Chinna.) Panchase is well known for the panoramic view, yoga, and meditation. You can find some good lodges rather than a homestay.

Don’t miss the sunrise with the panoramic view in the next morning. And choose a way to Badaure, whether to take a direct way or the other way via Panchase Byanjang. It takes about 2 hours if you take the direct way. Have some lunch in Badaure, and after 2 more hours, you’ll get to Kande. You can take a bus to the downtown Pokhara. Or you can head to Australian Camp from Kande. (Takes 1 hour and a half.) Stay one more night in Australian Camp, and you may come back to Kande or go to Phedi via Dampus. You can take a bus to Kande from Phedi, too.




Sidhane (Bal Shiva Gurung, 9804118682)


Note : There are many lodges in Panchase. You’d better bring your own water and snacks. Take a look at the list of things you need in “How to prepare”.

The written times are walking time. All prices are according to local transportation. If you hire a guide or vehicle, the price will vary. You’ll be guided to a homestay house in order of the village’s principle.

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