Chapakot(Ghaderi) – Bhumdikot

A trail that leads you to Peace Pagoda where you can look down Fewa Lake.


Route : Hallan chowk-Pame-Chapakot(Ghaderi eco-village) (1 Day),

Bhumdikot-Chapakot-Pokhara(1 Day),

Bhumdikot via Peace Pagoda (1 Night 2 Days)



Take a bus at Hallan chowk in the lakeside and get off at Pame. (Takes 40 mins) As soon as you get off the bus, cross the bridge on your left side. After the bridge, go over the ridge. You need to go over another ridge again. You should ask people about the way since there is no road sign. You need to walk uphill road for about 2 hours to Japakot, so take a break and enjoy your peace of mind at Chaudara where village people rest and look down Fewa Lake. In Japakot, there is only a small store and no homestay families. So pass the village and go up for about 15 mins, then you’ll find Ghaderi eco-village.


It’s inhabited by about 25 households of Brahmin people and some Dalit people while most of the mountain villages near Pokhara are inhabited by Gurung People. This village is called ‘Eco-village’ because people have been working on a project of collecting waste plastic bottles in Fawa Lake and building structures out of the bottles.



If you go up another hour, you can see Bhumdikot. You may take a rest, stay one night and go back to Pokhara by bus. (Bus fee is 75NPR. The bus service starts at 5:30a.m. and the bus runs every 2 hours. It takes one hour and a half along bumpy roads to Prithivi Chowk, Pokhara.)

Otherwise, you can walk down for about 2 hours via Peace Pagoda. From Peace Pagoda, you can either walk down through the forest or take a car and then take a boat to cross the lake.




Ghaderi eco-village (Min Bhadur BK 9813127542, Kidar Nath Parajuli 9880034188)

Bhumdikot (Himalayan view tea house 9846024954)

Kalabang homestay (Prakash gurung 9846041805)


Note : You’d better bring your own water and snacks. Take a look at the list of things you need in “How to prepare”.

The written times are walking time. All prices are according to local transportation. If you hire a guide or vehicle, the price will vary. You’ll be guided to a homestay house in order of the village’s principle.

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