Astam, Hyangjakot

A trail to Australian Camp. Raksi, the traditional Gurung liquor, is on the way!


Route : Millan chowk-Astam-Hyangjakot-Dampus-Pedi (1 Night 2 Days)

via Australian Camp (2 Nights 3 Days)



Take a bus to Milan Chowk for about 20 mins from Hari Chowk , and go up to Astam via Jhijhirka. It’s a 2-hour walk to Astam from Milan Chowk. There’s a good restaurant to eat and rest in Astam. Take some rest and keep walking for an hour, then you’ll reach Hyangjakot homestay village. There are 12 homestay households, and it costs $13. Why don’t you try Raksi, the traditional Gurung liquor at dinner?


(*Hari Chowk and Milan Chowk are located on Pokhara-Baglung highway. You can take buses to other villages such as Hemja, Baglung, Gandruk, Nayapul, Lwang, Ghalel and Dhital.)



Enjoy the sunset with a panoramic view on the next day(just like Sarangkot). You can either come down to Phedi via Dampus or go to Australian Camp and stay one more night and come back to Kande. One day trail, 1 Night 2 Days or 2 Nights 3 Days trails are possible depending on your condition and time.



Hyangjakot (Kumar gurung 9846382962)


Note : You’d better bring your own water and snacks. Take a look at the list of things you need in “How to prepare”.

The written times are walking time. All prices are according to local transportation. If you hire a guide or vehicle, the price will vary. You’ll be guided to a homestay house in order of the village’s principle.

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