Accessible trek

The very first accessible trekking trail in Nepal


Route : Naudanda-Deurali-Kaskikot-Sarangkot (1 Day)

Accessible tourism which is inclusive of people with disabilities and the elderly has been an important issue along with ‘Inclusive Tourism’ and ‘Tourism for all’. The International Conference on Accessible Adventure was held in Pokhara in March 2018. There were case presentations regarding ‘Slow Walk’, and the importance of accessibility for disabled and elderly people was discussed. The first accessible trekking trail was inaugurated as a part of the conference with the participation of differently-abled people from all around the world. This event was organized by Nepal Tourism Board, National Federation of the Disabled-Nepal, Center for Independent Living for Persons with Disabilities, and supported by UNDP Nepal, Indian Embassy, Turkish Airlines, Soarway Foundation.



Naudanda has easy access. It takes only an hour from Hari Chowk. The trail starts from Naudanda. Enjoy the beautiful view from the Deurali viewpoint. And come back to Fewa Lake via Sarangkot. Not the entire trail is wheelchair accessible yet. It’s still under construction. You can find road signs marked with the slope angles. Wheelchair accessible trail is 45 minutes long at the moment. It’s not quite possible for a wheelchair user to go there by oneself, yet. But still, it is very meaningful that the first accessible trekking trail was launched. If you are a wheelchair user, you need to take a ride from the viewpoint. (Link to a newspaper article)


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